Our mission is to help people and organisations craft, record, and celebrate stories in life-changing ways. www.storytelling.co.za is about using the power of storytelling to transform organisational value culture by giving everyone a voice.

About Storytelling.co.za


Life is story. Just think about that idea for a moment. Whatever we know of the world and ourselves is made up of myriad stories that we hear, tell to ourselves and pass onto others. These stories not only describe the world, they literally formulate our identity, our relationship to the world and, ultimately, the way in which the world relates to us.

"It's the story you tell and how you tell it that motivates people to believe in, buy, work for, pay attention to and invest in your dream"

Story is also vitally important because all political power is contained in story. When the story collapses, humans resort to violence and brutality; a compelling reason to be discerning about the stories you tell, pay attention to and are part of.

Becoming more deliberate about the stories you construct and repeat about yourself, your work and your favoured "brands" can be enormously liberating. In fact, these stories have the ability not only to describe but to create new possibilities and realities.

"Are you the author of the stories you tell? Would you like to be?"

We help organisations create more useful, interesting and empowering stories. Good stories form the basis of community animation strategies that make people, organisations and brands powerful and successful.